Homeowner searching for kidnapped 'kids,' as in baby goats

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Lost signs now litter street poles in a north Houston neighborhood after two goats were stolen from a homeowner's back porch.

"They were the cutest little things," said Jennifer Danburg. "If you called them in a little goat voice, they would come running."

Danburg said she bought the days-old goats as a Father's Day present on Friday. She said every four hours, she had to bottle feed "Show" and "Case" milk.

"It took a while to get them used to taking the bottle," said Danburg. "I wanted young goats so that they would really be a part of the family."

On Sunday, while she was away trying to buy more milk, someone came to her backyard patio and took the two baby goats. She said she had the goats sectioned off by metal gates so they could not get out.

"It's possible someone got them from the yard," said Danburg. "We are very worried because they can't eat solid food yet."

Danburg's seven-year-old daughter showed us the flyers she made to try and find the two goats.

So far, no leads, just chickens across the street. Danburg said she has also sent out Facebook messages and posted on other social media sites to try and get the word out about the goats. She has filed a police report and is offering a $100 reward.
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