Heights resident's chickens taken away

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Three chickens are missing from their home in the Heights.

Owner Jeff Shell said two hens mysteriously disappeared two weeks ago, and the city of Houston confiscated his white hen named Pearl Wednesday.

"She's mature and she's got a lot of confidence and grace," Shell said. "And she struts around the yard."

Five-year-old Pearl's freedom came to a halt Wednesday when she was scooped up by animal control.

"The city of Houston dropped off a note saying they had confiscated the fowl," Shell said.

According to BARC, a neighbor called and complained multiple times, saying the chicken was not in its pen. Animal control officers also found the coop was not far enough away from neighbors' homes.

Shell suspects foul play by a neighbor who wants the space behind their homes to become a public alley.

"The alley is not opened up, but there is a neighbor who would like the alley to be open," Shell said.

Shell can pick up his beloved Pearl from the BARC shelter Friday morning and pay a $50 impoundment fee. Shell plans on donating Pearl to a local non-profit organization that helps educate children on raising chickens. null
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