California woman accuses parrot of cursing

TRACY, CA -- Is it a foul-mouthed bird or just misunderstood? A California grandmother is upset after she said her grandchildren came home yelling profanities they learned from a parrot!

Jessica Baca is accusing her neighbor's parrot, Rula, of saying curse words in Spanish, reports television station KCRA. Her grandchildren are now repeating one word in particular, and it's got her so mad she complained to the city's animal control department.

"They were saying (expletive)," said Baca. "And I said, 'Oh my God! You guys, don't say that word."
The parrot's owner says the feathery fellow may be flirtatious with woman, but he's not bilingual, and doesn't have a foul mouth.

"I think it was saying Rula. I think it was saying its own name, and they just misunderstood," said owner Rita Canisales.

The word Baca is accusing Rula of teaching her grandchildren means prostitute in Spanish.
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