Escaped tortoise may have been looking for love

FRESNO, CA (KTRK) -- A 100-year-old tortoise has been reunited with her owner after escaping from a backyard earlier this month.

The tortoise known as 'Touche' went on an incredible journey, covering more than 11 football fields each day, a total of six and a half miles away from her home in Fresno, Calif.

Nancy Knauss has owned Touche since she was just 5 years old. Nearly 55 years later, she says she was devastated when she found her precious tortoise was missing after gardeners left her gate open.

Touche traveled from northeast Fresno to Gettysburg in 10 days.

Steven George, who found the tortoise, called Knauss after seeing flyers about the missing pet.

"Tortoises, people think they're really slow, but this tortoise was really fast," he says.

George told Knauss he found the tortoise on top of a dome covering a water outlet in his neighbor's hard, and believes she may have fallen in love with it.
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