Dog OK after eating three wristwatches

BOSTON, MA (KTRK) -- A Doberman ate three wristwatches last week, but is fortunately now in good health.

WHDH reports Jeff Courcelle, 5-year-old Mocha's owner, said that she had managed to open a drawer and eat three watches and assorted pieces of leather jewelry. Courcelle then rushed Mocha to Angell Animal Medical Center.

"They took (the) X-ray and she looked mechanical...there were gears, springs, and all kinds of pieces of metal. There were some long pieces of untouched leather that she just sort of inhaled and went about her business," Courcelle said.

The vet says they admitted her just in time.

"Because we got her there so fast very few pieces had moved into her digestive system so that's why they were able to get almost everything out in one procedure," according to Courcelle.

Mocha's owner thinks that she may have had an ulterior motive.

"Those were all of my functioning watches; I think she may have overheard me (telling my) wife that I wanted to pick up an Apple that situation has been taken care of," Courcelle said.

Mocha's owners are happy that she keeps on ticking, despite the time-consuming snack. "We're very lucky because this could have gone badly obviously and we're very thankful to doctors at Angell Memorial for taking such good care of her," Courcelle said. "You're a watch dog now." null
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