Detroit police round up 400-pound hog in home of reputed hoarder

DETROIT, MI (KTRK) -- Police in Detroit spent 12 hours in a standoff with a pig this week.

The 400-pound animal was living in the basement of a home.

Police say this was a first. Detroit Police Department Captain Harold Rochon said, "Unbelievable. Nothing in my entire career (like this). Nothing like this -- ever."

Neighbors called police after the pig's owner died. He owned several homes on the block and died from heart disease recently. Some neighbors say he was a hoarder.

The basement where the pig was being kept didn't have stairs. There was about a foot of manure inside. Police had to build a ramp from debris to reach the animal.

Lance Powell with Animal Rescue said, "We built a ramp but she don't want to go up a ramp. It's kind of hard to make a 400-pound animal go up a ramp."

Rochon added, "They eventually they got the pig on the ramp and people pushed the pig up the ramp."

The pig was taken to a farm. If it does not have health problems it will be allowed to live there.
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