Custody hearing underway for seized animals

SANTA FE, TX (KTRK) -- A custody hearing is underway in Galveston County where more than 100 animals were found living in deplorable conditions.

The starved and malnourished animals were rescued from a private home. Now the animals are receiving veterinary care.

Sheriff's deputies seized the animals after a neighbor complained about conditions on the property.

"The animals are living in poor environmental conditions and many are without food or water. There are also numerous dead animals on the property," Houston SPCA announced Friday. "There's approximately 73 wolfhounds who are being kept in less than ideal conditions."

Raequel Roberts with the Houston SPCA says they recovered a total of 101 dogs, two turtles, five tortoises, 14 parrots, two doves, four cockatiels, three cats, five chickens and five snakes.

Investigators believe the animals were housed under a dog breeding operation.

According to reports, two men who live on the 6-acre property are cooperating with investigators.
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