Corgis race against each other in adorable video

We're betting that these corgis will race straight on into your heart.

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The above video depicts 10 adorable corgis racing against each other to win doggy glory in the Ladbrokes Barkingham Palace Gold Cup. And the stakes for this race were very high, with spectators betting on what they thought the name and sex of the royal couple's expected baby would be.

While expert prediction believed Elizabeth to be front-runner, it was Alexandra who proved Corgi supreme is the pawsitively adorable race.

"Alexandra will be the name that Kate and Will adopt for next month, I'm absolutely convinced of it. I am off to go place a bet myself right now," commented one "spectator" after Alexandra's thrilling win in the mock race.

The video was put together as a promotion for Ladbrokes, a betting company based in Britain.

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