College students seek to save Houston's street dogs

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- "These dogs have to fight for their life on a daily basis."

In southeast Houston, Katie Brosseau and Hannah Starke invite us along for a heartbreaking look at Houston's big problem.

"We do this about three or four times a week normally," Brosseau says. "We will find dogs living in piles of trash. We will find them living in giant packs in just overgrown yards."

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A Houston man faces animal cruelty charges after authorities seized over a hundred cats and dogs from his home.

We firs come across two dogs in the street and very hungry.

Hannah scoops up some food from the trunk of her car to break the ice. As those starving dogs eat, she takes a closer look and assesses them.

"Not in good shape," Starke says, before feeding the pooch. "Here you go, baby."

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An animal rescue worker in Fort Worth has created a "dog train" to pick up strays in his community.

Their goal is to find these dogs forever homes.

The problem is foster homes with their organization, Bluebell's Rescue, are limited. So for now...

"Just a little bit of tender loving care, a little bit of padding, a little bit of food will show these dogs that they can make it and fight a little bit longer," Broussea says. "And the best thing that we can do is now working to find homes and get these dogs off the street."

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Our next location- just a mile away. Two more pups, one of them seen limping.

"We have seen people purposefully try to hit dogs with their cars," Brosseau says.

He's also hungry for some attention, on his back even though he's hurt. He's showing us just how bad he needs some love.

"There is something so much greater than us that's out here, and we want to be able to help these dogs," Brosseau says. "Sometimes they are just everywhere."

Another short ride and two more small pups are seen in a field.

This time- not so trusting.

"We will have dogs out here that will take three or four months before they will trust us enough to come up to us," Brosseau says.

It's a stand-off for now, a slow process, but they too will come around.

So far they've rescued hundreds of dogs and cats, showing us how bad they come in to foster care, sometimes with a stomach full of garbage.

"We find tissues, plastic," Brosseau says. "We will find old aluminum cans."

Months later, an incredible transformation, should us just how healing love can really be.

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