Family claims surveillance video shows delivery driver taking puppies

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A homeowner is desperately trying to track down the man who stole her two French Bulldog puppies and thanks to surveillance video she says she knows exactly where the man is employed.

Erica Correa says she began looking for her dogs Sheila and Bruno Wednesday afternoon when she saw they were missing from her backyard. She and her husband Armando Correa began knocking on neighbors' doors, combing the neighborhood for an hour and a half looking for the dogs, with no luck.

The Correas then decided to look through their surveillance video to see if there were any clues and found one. A FedEx delivery driver is seen in the video, apparently luring the two dogs into the FedEx truck.

One of the dogs escapes and runs back towards the front door. The driver doesn't give up and in a second camera angle you can see the man walk to the front porch of the homeowner's house and take the dog.

"Once we seen them on the video we were like, I can't believe it," said Erica Correa. "We are supposed to trust these people to deliver packages and they are stealing our dogs."

Eyewitness News reached out to FedEx regarding the video and the company responded with the following statement: "FedEx Ground takes these allegations very seriously. We are cooperating fully with all investigating authorities but have no other information to share at this time."

The Harris County Sheriff's Office is also investigating.

After our first report aired, a viewer called ABC13 to report two puppies that had been turned over to a veterinary clinic. The owner has been in contact with the clinic says she believes they are her dogs. We'll continue to update this story as developments warrant.
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