Abandoned military dogs get help from rescue groups in Houston

CHESTER, VA (KTRK) -- After more than a year staying in a kennel in Virginia, a dozen retired military working dogs are finally closer to being back with their handlers.

Mt. Hope Kennel in Chester, Virginia took in a dozen military working dogs last February from a private contractor, ABC affiliate WRIC reports. The contractor said the dogs would only be there five months before being re-trained for another mission, but the kennel's owner, Greg Meredith, says no one ever came back for the dogs.

These 12 hero dogs served in Afghanistan and Iraq and are credited with saving thousands of lives.

Now, after a year and a half of waiting, these dogs are now on their way to a new life thanks in part to folks here in Texas!

Rescue Bank Houston has contributed food and Houston's own Mission K9 Rescue is teaming up with the US War Dog Association to get these dogs back with their handlers or into new adoptive homes.

Folks with Mission K9 Rescue, say the dogs have all been well cared for during their stay in the kennel. Meredith says he spent $150,000 caring for these dogs over the past year and a half. He says the financial burden is now overwhelming, but he doesn't regret taking in the dogs.

"It's the least that we can do to take care of them, because they've taken very good care of us, to protect our freedoms," Meredith told WWBT-TV. "These dogs have served their country and served their country boldly and with distinction."

If you would like to help offset the costs to care for these K9 heroes, you can contribute to this GoFundMe account.
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