Colorado residents treating their pets with medical marijuana

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Pot for pets
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Some Colorado residents are turning to medical marijuana to treat their pets (KCNC-TV).

DENVER, CO (KTRK) -- In Colorado, even some of the dogs are using marijuana. KCNC-TV reports that one company is selling hemp supplements for cats and dogs.

Chiara Subhas says her veterinarian suggested "Canna Companion" when her 14-year-old Pomeranian started having seizures. Leo started taking two capsules a day.

"Shortly after his seizures definitely decreased," said Subhas.

She now spends $75 a month on hemp supplements for Leo.

According to the company website, they use cannabis strands with low levels of THC. That's the chemical which gets humans high. The creators of the pet pot product admit it can't cure problems, but it can help.

"It's one more tool in our tool belt and we firmly believe that veterinarians and pet parents should have it available to them if they should choose to use it," Dr. Sarah Brandon told KCNC-TV.

The FDA has warned pet owners against the products. Many vets are also cautious.

"I just think that we don't have the evidence right now to document what is safe and what is effective," said Dr. Debbie Van Pelt.

She says she understands why pet owners turn to marijuana.

"Because people love their animals and they are looking for ways to give them better quality of life," said Van Pelt.