Woman survives after charging 8-point buck barges into Montgomery Co. home

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- A Montgomery County woman hopes to never again encounter an eight-point buck anywhere inside her home.

"Scared me to death. I was just like what the heck," said Katie Reed.

She says she was leaving for work on November 2 at her home in the Imperial Oaks neighborhood. After opening the garage door, she says she was charged by the deer.

"I'm getting into the car and all of a sudden this deer runs in, the car door stops it. It knocks me into the car and I'm like, 'Oh my God,'" she said.

From the driver's seat, she says she kicked it back. But the buck kept coming. Its antlers kept it from getting fully inside the vehicle.

Katie described its face being just inches from hers.

"It had pretty brown eyes," she said.

WATCH: Katie Reed takes Kevin Quinn through the damaged home
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Homeowner Katie Reed explained to ABC13's Kevin Quinn what happened when the 8-point buck charged her.

Reed says the deer leaped over the car door. She shut it and hit reverse as she opened the other garage door, hoping it would run away.

It didn't.

Instead it shot up the adjacent stairs, onto the landing near the game room which sits over her garage. The buck came face-to-face with its own reflection.

"Not only is it scared, it then thought there was another buck up there. It's not going away. It's defending itself, I guess," she said.

Thrashing and kicking, the animal tore holes in the drywall, Reed says. She called animal control and 911. For several hours, authorities tried to devise a plan to safely get the deer out, without anyone getting hurt and without having to euthanize it.

In the end, they did have to end its life to get it down.

"They asked if I wanted to process it, and I said, 'No sir, I've had enough deer for a lifetime," Reed said.

Reed says authorities told her they would be donating the meat. Reed and her husband are in the process of repairing the damage done.

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