Woman still searching for dog a month after car accident near Hobby

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A woman says she is looking for her dog after surviving a life-threatening car accident near Hobby Airport in July.

Meredith Johnson said she crashed into a pole at the intersection of Monroe and the Gulf Freeway on July 10 and that her dog was in the car with her.

Johnson was taken to the hospital.

Her dog Cookie, a female Chihuahua mix, was given to a bystander to hold until police arrived, according to Johnson.

"A motorist passing by saw that I was in the accident, saw I was being taken to the hospital, so he took Cookie from the truck and has kept her, I guess," Johnson said. "My concern now is that I want to be reunited with my dog. I know she's traumatized as well."

A homeless man, William McCollum, said he witnessed the accident and saw Johnson's dog.

"I was laying on that wall over there and I seen her hit -- there was a girl right here -- we all ran over there," McCollum said. "There was an ambulance right there at that light, they were here first. There was a puppy in the backseat. There was a guy on the passenger seat and he already grabbed it out."

Johnson said she has not seen Cookie since. She has made flyers and posted on social media to no avail.

"I'm very blessed and lucky to be alive," Johnson said. "And I just want to be reunited with Cookie."

If you have any information on where Cookie could be, send Johnson a message on Facebook or email her at mk1.johnson@icloud.com.

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