Tiger takes catnap in man's home while escaping flooding

KANCHANJURI, India (KTRK) -- Imagine waking up to find a tiger in your home.

That's what happened to one man near Kaziranga National Park in India.

About 90 percent of the park is flooded due to heavy monsoon rains. That forced animals to look for higher ground and one tiger got inside a house.

Rohini Ballave Saikia, Deputy Director of Kaziranga National Park, said that there had been attempts to move the tiger but eventually it left of its own accord.

Saikia said that the animal was ultimately not tranquilized because "it was calm and did not pose a danger."

With only 3,900 tigers living in the wild, the animals are considered endangered, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

The tiger wasn't the only creature who had fled the flash floods. The Wildlife Trust said the park had lost track of deer, rhinos and elephants during the recent disaster.
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