Stephen A. Smith's ESPN office damaged by crashing vulture

BRISTOL, Connecticut (KTRK) -- Usually, Stephen A. Smith's opinion and boisterous delivery over sports issues can do damage to opposing viewpoints or TV speakers for that matter.

But the ESPN personality's office appeared to be on the receiving end of the damage when it ran afoul of a turkey vulture.

Multiple Twitter accounts of Smith's colleagues posted Tuesday morning photos of a hole in a window apparently attached to Smith's office.

"Breaking: A turkey vulture has crashed through the window of @stephenasmith's office at ESPN," one tweet went out by ESPN's NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

"(The turkey vulture) is currently siting in there staring out the window contemplating his fate. This is actually happening right now," ESPN host Trey Wingo added, providing a slightly entertaining scenario to the situation.

Throughout the morning, various ESPN colleagues provided updates, with accounts of animal control pulling still alive bird.

Smith, who apparently was not in the office at the time of the crash, even weighed in.
"Even a Turkey is that depressed from seeing that I'm gone from Bristol. Hoping it doesn't harm itself," Smith tweeted.

The bird was eventually freed from the clutches of Stephen A.'s office, although, some joked about its motives.

"(It) Might be insisting on a word or two with Stephen A.," Schefter speculated.

By the way, turkey vultures can be found year-round in parts of the northeast, and it can weigh up to about five pounds.

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