Neighborhood shaken up after small puppy was fatally shot

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- Pachito is grieving with his owner Brianna Benavides after losing his mother, Chiquita.

"How do you kill a dog? She's tiny," said Brianna.

Their family loves dogs. Chiquita, a Terrier Chihuahua mix, was a rescue and she disappeared while in the backyard on Monday.

Brianna found her murdered in a brushy area behind their home.

"We rescued her from a bad situation and put her in a good situation and somebody just murdered her," said Brianna.

The family suspects she'd been shot. A neighbor says they heard gunshots an hour before Brianna found her. When HPD took a report, the family says police confirmed three bullet wounds.

"If it was a teenager, I hope he sees this and realizes what he's done and that it's not something to do. Take an animals life and think it's funny," said Brianna's mother Rosario.

Brianna is heartbroken.

"It wasn't an accident, they did it on purpose and they probably thought it was funny. It's not funny," she said.

The family believes whoever shot Chiquita also took her collar off afterwards. They say it's very difficult to remove and they are worried for their pets and others.

"I'm concerned about our community. I'm very concerned. We need to feel safe. I would hate for this to escalate to something more than just killing animals," said Rosario.

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