Pet owner: Why I wrote 'free' on my dog with permanent marker

CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (KTRK) -- A dog abandoned in an Ohio park with the word "free" written on its fur took over social media last week.

Thousands of people questioned the person responsible and wanted answers.

Now, the woman who is responsible for the viral photo is speaking out in an effort to defend her actions.

Kendra Stafford said she loved her dog, but her apartment complex wouldn't let her keep it.

She explained that she first tried to leave the puppy in a cage with a note taped to it, but that didn't work.

"I went to my car to go find a piece of tape, couldn't find a piece of tape. Got out a permanent marker that wasn't supposed to be used on my dog. And I wrote on her, 'free' and 'good home only.' And after I did that, cringe-worthy moment where I was just like, 'oh my gosh, I messed up. She looks awful,'" Stafford said.

Stafford claims she called every animal shelter she could, but was told they were all full.

The puppy was adopted by another family, and Stafford is now facing charges.

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