Woman claims rip off as leasing company threatens to repossess family dog

NEW YORK, New York -- A woman claims she is being ripped off after the lending financial company she used to purchase her dog threatened to repossess him.

When Danielle Cittadino did not have the money to pay up front for her beloved golden retriever named 'Max' she was given a financial option, a lease.

Cittadino says at the time she adopted Max, she had no idea she was signing a lease.

"I had no idea it was a lease. They tell me, you know, I hear of financing -- it's a loan," Cittadino told News 12.

From then on, for about 23 months, she made monthly payments of $145.19. But she never expected to have to make a final lease payment of $338.07.

Cittadino says she received a call from the leasing company, "WAGS lending" threatening to repossess Max if she fails to make the final payment.

"It's wrong you can't rip a dog out of somebody's family that's been part of their family for 2+ years," she said.

A consumer rights attorney says the company is using a scare tactic in order to get their pay.

"It really sounds like a scare tactic. They're rephrasing it as lease and saying they have a right of repossession if you don't make full and timely payments," said Anthony Ballato.

Either way, Cittadino says she is not budging.

"I'm sorry but you're not getting the dog back. Nor are you getting the last payment. I just - it's a scam. I believe it's a scam," she said.