'She was there from the beginning': Pearland family searching for missing blind dog

PEARLAND, Texas (KTRK) -- A Pearland family is missing a dog that has been with them since their three children were born.

Bella is an Italian greyhound, 16 years old, and showing signs of age. She is partially blind, and can't walk long distances. Nearly two weeks ago, she vanished after a contractor left a gate open.

"I thought she was with my husband, and he thought she was with me, in my home office," said Ashley Landry. "God blessed us with three sons, but Bella was my daughter."

Ashley's husband, Walter Landry, has been a Houston firefighter for 18 years, and has seen a lot on the job. The idea of not knowing what has happened to the family pet brings him close to tears.

"She was there from the beginning, before these boys were born," he said, his voice choking.

The family has done all it can do to find her.

"The Pearland Animal Shelter is tired of hearing from me," Landry said.

Walter put up posters around the neighborhood and the surrounding area. Italian Greyhound Rescue came in with its own tracking team, but received no leads.

Dog tracker Paula Welch was called in with her canine, Nugget, to pick up a trail.

"He went around the house several times and to the grass where it looked like Bella had laid down for a while," Welch said. "At the end of the driveway, the trail ended."
The homeowners had not seen the dog, so Welch and the Landrys believe someone may have seen her and picked her up, sensing she needed help. Bella has slipped her collar, so there was no way to contact the family.

That's why the Landrys are trying to get their plea out to a larger audience.

"It's like the family is incomplete. She's like the center of our family. Everyone loves her," said Cain, Ashley and Walter's son.

To anyone who has her, Walter Landry said, "Just know that she does have a home with these three boys and us, and we hope we get to see her again."

Ashley Landry said she never thought she wouldn't have a chance to tell her goodbye.

"I just pray we have those moments with her and she does come back," she said.

Anyone with information is asked to call 281-221-1113 or 281-221-5558.
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