Owner says nearly 500,000 bees were intentionally killed

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Bee keeper suspects foul play in death of 500,000 bees (KTRK)

The owner of a North Carolina bee keeping company says someone intentionally killed her company's bees.

Nearly 500,000 bees were found dead, in piles around their hives.

"I have to tell you, it's a little hard to look at, even for me," said beekeeper Shannon Baxter.

The dead bees were found by the handful. Of the 32 hives at the company, only six survived.

Baxter is the owner of Baxter's Bees. The family business produces honey and bees wax.

Not only are the bees vital to her business, they also play an important role in the local food chain.

Baxter says a few weeks ago the hives were healthy but suddenly most of the bees died.

"The bees had plenty to eat, they were warm, they were dry and now they are gone," said Baxter.

She said it looks like the hives were turned and parts of them looked like they were kicked and damaged.

A friend even noticed footprints in the snow leading up to the hives.

"Senselessly killing all of the bees inside the colonies is gut-wrenching," said Baxter.

The FDA is testing a sample of the bees to find out what killed them.
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