Officer adopts dog he rescued from being chained and abandoned in park

NEW YORK -- A NYPD officer has officially adopted the abandoned dog he rescued and now the pair is inseparable.

Officer Michael Pascale was on duty when he noticed an abandoned dog chained to a fence in the freezing rain. The dog was shivering and soaking wet in the wind.

Pascale said it only took one look into the dog's eyes for him to know he had to take the pup home.

The lucky dog, named Joey, now gets to take rides in Pascale's squad car and is always up for an adventure.

"When I saw Joey tied up and chained in that park, I knew I had to take care of him and I had to bring him home and give him all the love and attention that I know he deserves," Pascale said in a video released by PETA on Wednesday.

Pascale is teaming up with PETA to share his story and help prevent other dogs from being abandoned outside.

"If someone sees a situation out in the street of an animal being abused or abandoned or anything along those lines, the first thing to do is to call 911," Pascale said. "It really is a 'see something, say something' kind of situation."

PETA says anyone who finds a "backyard dog" should see if the animal has food, water and shelter and should report any signs of suffering or abuse to law officials.
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