Peacocks everywhere: W. Houston neighbors spend decades living with the roaming birds

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A pride of peacocks have taken ownership of Windermere Lane in west Houston.

"They're just a part of everybody's family," said neighbor Gemma Joffroy.

People who live here say the birds have called this area home for decades.

"My favorite season is when they start mating because that's when the peacocks get all nice and fancy," Joffroy added.

They're mostly a welcomed neighbor, until they're not.

"My least favorite season is when it's full on mating calls because it can get a little bit much," Joffroy recalled.

According to neighbors, the birds came from nearby Vargos restaurant, which closed down a few years ago. That's when, they said, the birds found their way to the neighborhood.

A resident named Rochelle has lived there for 40 years and said the colorful birds have always been part of the fabric of the area.

"They live here. They live all the way around, and neighbors will call a couple blocks away and see them," said Rochelle.

The peacocks usually keep to themselves, but they do like to play tricks on their neighbors every once in a while.

"At night if a peacock flies just in front of your car coming down from a high tree, if you don't know it's a peacock, you're going to think it's Batman," said Joffroy.

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