Man shocked to come face to face with 13-foot-long python

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Man finds giant snake by dock (KTRK)

Authorities in Florida are investigating the discovery of a massive python found floating off of a resident's dock.

Wildlife experts have apparently been getting more calls than usual about snakes as the reptiles search for warmth amid the recent cold weather.

This particular snake has officials concerned. At 13 feet long, it could have presented a danger to both animals and humans.

Joe Volpe used a pole to lift the 80 pound snake onto dry ground, and realized just how big it really was.

"If he had been active, it would've been a different story," Volpe said. "I would've gotten my gun and shot him."

Wildlife officials say the python was likely in the water trying to warm up during these cold temperatures.

But Florida Fish and Wildlife is not amused and has launched a criminal investigation.

Officials say this was likely an escaped or released pet.

The agency said in a statement, "Reticulated pythons... May pose a threat to the environment and/or human health and safety."

Wildlife experts now have the snake under their care.
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