Man jumps off bridge to save dog who plunged into water

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Man jumps off bridge to rescue dog (KTRK)

An Alabama man jumped off a bridge to save his dog that plunged into the water below.

Al Trovinger says he was in standstill traffic when his dog, River, decided to jump off a nearby bridge.

"We'd been on the Bayway for about 30 minutes and decided that we needed to get out and let the dog walk around. As soon as we did, we put her on a leash, she jumped over," Trovinger said.

When River jumped, her leash snapped in half.

Trovinger says he watched helplessly for about 10 minutes before deciding to save his dog.

"We kept on looking at her and could tell she was getting a little desperate. Finally, there was nothing else we could do. She was either going to drown or someone was going jump off and get her, so I jumped off."

It wasn't an easy task. Trovinger tried to guide River to shore, but that wasn't working.

Nearby good Samaritans threw a dog vest into the water to help, but it didn't fit River.

Trovinger says he was able to make it to a boat launch where he was greeted by paramedics and a state trooper.

"Yeah, yeah, as long as I didn't die," he responded when asked if he would do it again.

The Trovingers say they've had River for three years now.
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