Man hears yelps, helps rescue puppy from storm drain

STOCKTON, CA. -- A man in Stockton, California came to the rescue of a puppy stuck inside a storm drain Thursday.

KCRA-TV reports, Jeremy Cabaccang said he was driving around his old stomping grounds when he heard the puppy's cries for help.

He noticed two puppies on the side of the road, waiting anxiously near a storm drain.

Sure enough, there was another puppy that had fallen through the narrow opening, and couldn't get out.

Jeremy stayed with the frightened pups, while he waited on an animal control officer.

"We were just in the area, going down memory lane. This is the high school I graduated from. We saw two dogs here and we heard something. Sure enough the puppies were waiting here for their third sibling stuck in the drain," Cabaccang said.

The animal control officer was able to get a lasso around the puppy's neck and pull it to safety.

Now, Jeremy says he will be the first one in line once the puppies are ready for adoption.