Man brings his ringtailed lemur to Houston bar

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This may be the most ultimate wingman Houston has ever seen...

Some Houston bars are known to draw out some interesting wildlife in this urban jungle of ours, but on one Saturday, you could find actual wildlife at one watering hole.

Amid the boisterous karaoke and drinks being poured, patrons at Molly's Pub got up close and personal with a 6-year-old lemur.

Adam Glover says his friend Buddha is pretty shy, but you couldn't tell it by the sheer number of people coming up to greet them.

PHOTOS: Meet Buddha, the ringtailed lemur
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Buddha kept close to Adam's shoulder, taking a curious look around at the sights and sounds of Houston's nightlife and dressed to the nines in nothing but a diaper.

"You got kids? Have you ever held a baby?" Adam asks one woman. "You don't wanna feel that warm stream going down the back of your neck."

As funny as the pair was, their stories are one of love and survival.

The ringtailed lemur is Adam's service animal.

Buddha, meantime, has known Adam as his rescuer and parent since he was just a baby.

Adam told Eyewitness News he saved Buddha and his five siblings after their mother was killed in Madagascar.

The commercial plumber from Prattville, Alabama says in return, with a little training, Buddha has saved him from health issues stemming from epilepsy.

"He lets me know before I have seizures, so I can take my medication," Adam said. "I can be a productive member of society just because I have him."

As Buddha chewed on a cup of cherries just outside the bar, Adam told us he wouldn't be able to come to Houston to work on a job downtown without his primate pal.

"He helps me drive, and alerts me to conditions that could mean a seizure is coming, like flashing lights," Adam said. "He's my best friend."
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