Hundreds of praying mantises brought in by a Christmas tree invade woman's home

Many people have thrown away their Christmas trees by now, but maybe you're still finding some annoying pine needles around the house.

Well, one woman in Virginia probably wishes she was finding pine needles instead of praying mantises.

Molly Kreuze says her Christmas tree left behind more than 100 mantises that hatched from an egg case hidden in the branches.

Kreuze says instead of vacuuming the insects, she's feeding them fruit flies and using an envelope and shoe box to store them, and re-gift them.

"In my Googling, I discovered people really like praying mantises. They are useful, they eat other bugs and people use them for organic gardening. I hope to find them a home. I don't want them," Krueze said.

She is now preparing to buy a fake Christmas tree for next year.
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