Horses stolen from Isabella Farms found at abandoned house

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Horses stolen from Isabella Farms found at abandoned house (KTRK)

An equine heist caught on camera shows thieves riding away from the crime scene on the very horses they're stealing.

The animals were taken from a farm in Cypress Wednesday night.

The horses have been found, and are back at home, but the thieves vanished without a trace.

Although horses CoCo and Nick are back safely in their stalls tonight, there were some scary and tense moments for their owners before their return.

Three were seen on camera leaving Isabella Farms, walking and riding the two horses.

A neighbor spotted the thieves around the corner, and when asked what they were doing, they said a family member was having a party, and that they would return the animals after a quick stroll. That never happened.

CoCo and Nick were found today at a vacant house a few miles from here by a gardener who had come by to do work.

The horses weren't hurt, but were dehydrated and fatigued.

Now, the owners want whoever was responsible for taking them, to be held accountable.

"I feel like if they're still out there, they're still going to try. They've been targeting these two horses for I don't know why, for a while now. Yeah, these people shouldn't be out. If they can just walk into somebody's barn and just walk out with them at 11:30, 12 o'clock at night with no care in the world and cars driving by, they'll take anything. I can't lose my babies," Dawn Chamorro said.

The heist was especially scary for CoCo, because she has a torn tendon and isn't supposed to be walked or ridden at all.

A vet plans to come and do an ultrasound to make sure no further damage was done.

Anyone with information on who took the animals is asked to call police.
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