Horse thieves strike again in Cypress

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A horse heist in Cypress last week left a community on edge - and now it's happened again. (KTRK)

A horse heist in Cypress last week left a community on edge, and now it's happened again.

For the second time in just days, thieves broke into a barn and made off with someone's animals.

Susan Kutyba says whoever tried to steal her and her daughter's horses weren't the smartest. After loading up saddles, bridles and other equipment on a golf-cart, they made their way to the barn. They managed to get several horses out but didn't make it far.

"From what we can tell, they did get them off the property going through the back gate. There's a lot of scuffle. Looks like there was a real rodeo back there. There was a lot of deep hoof marks," Kutyba explained.

Kutyba thinks the horses bucked the thieves off, because they ran home, and both a saddle and a body mark were found in the mud behind their house. S.J. and Sawyer are yearlings who have never been broken.

Three-year-old Tilly, who happens to be pregnant, was also taken. None of them took kindly to strangers trying to mount them.

"They're really bad at what they're doing. They are obviously not very horse-savvy. They're going to get somebody hurt. It's not just the horse and not just property. If they would have gotten loose on Cypress-north Houston, they could have run in front of a car and killed somebody," Kutyba said.

The golf-cart used during the break-in was stolen from Jackie Breazealle.

"No one else has any sentimental value to it but me. I used to take my dad around the circle here in the subdivision because he was an amputee - so for me, it was memories that was destroyed," she explained.

This isn't the first time someone has attempted such a brazen act. Last week, CoCo and Nick were taken from Isabella Farms and the whole thing was caught on camera. They were recovered the next day but were dehydrated and exhausted.

Kutyba hopes whoever has violated her and her neighbors, is held accountable.

"This makes me angry. These are our family."

The Harris County Sheriff's Office is investigating both cases.
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