Family fulfilling terminally ill dog's bucket list

WALDWICK, New Jersey -- A New Jersey couple only has a little bit of time left with their dog Odin, so they're making sure he experiences all life has to offer in his final days.

In March, Odin's owners Bobbie Jo and Jeff Ledford got the diagnosis that Odin only had months left to live, News 12 New Jersey reports.

Since the news, the couple decided to let Odin fulfill a bucket list. He has been slurping up a vanilla sundae topped with dog bones, he's stopped at Hooters, and taken his last trip to the lake.

Odin is 4-years-old and was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, otherwise known as bone cancer.

The bucket list has made Odin known around town, as people pitch in to help make his short time on Earth memorable for the Ledfords.

"When I made the bucket list it made us closer and happier. I don't have time to cry because we are doing things," said Bobbie Jo Ledford.