Dog alerts family to carbon monoxide leak

GROSSE POINT FARMS, Michigan -- A family is calling their dog a lifesaver after she led them out of their home during a carbon monoxide leak.

Donna and Stephen Schneck were in their home when high winds knocked the power out. It created a carbon monoxide leak in the basement possibly from the winds pushing the gas from the furnace.

It wasn't until Monday morning that the family was alerted to the danger in the home.

The carbon monoxide alarm was chirping, but the batteries had been faulty and set it off without cause before.

Their dog Aluna usually gets rewarded with a bone after doing her morning routine outside. She then usually takes that bone right downstairs as she did Monday morning.

When Aluna went down with her bone and came right back up, that's when they knew something wasn't right. The family then evacuated and called authorities.

The family hopes this story will serve as a warning to pay attention to both the detectors and your pets.