CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Coyote perusing streets with cat in mouth

VENTURA, California -- A coyote was caught on camera carrying a cat in its mouth along a southern California street.

Armando Rios shared the video with KVTA, and it has now been shared on Facebook thousands of times.

The director of animal affairs at the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network says it is easier for coyotes to catch cats than rabbits.

"It's just a word of caution to cat owners to - really the only way to keep them safe is to keep them indoors. Coyotes are opportunistic like all wildlife and if they find an easy meal they will go for it," said Julia Parker with the Wildlife Care Network. "I have two cats myself and I don't leave them out at night."

Parker suggests not feeding cats outside either.

"That is going to attract skunks and opossums and raccoons and while they might not hurt your cat it is attractive to other wildlife as well and coyotes may come by for that reason as well," Parker said.

It's not clear whether the cat was dead or alive. Since crows are flying nearby, viewers say the coyote could have picked up a cat hit by a car.