BIG CATCH! Fisherman lands 12-foot shark along Texas Gulf coast

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (KTRK) -- Off the coast in south Texas, around Corpus Christi, one fisherman had the catch of the week.

Following Memorial Day weekend, Adam J, also known as Freestyle Fisherman, took to Facebook to share his big catch -- a hammerhead shark.

The photos shared by Adam show him and a friend after they caught the 12-foot shark. He told Eyewitness News the thrilling catch had his emotions "running wild from sheer adrenaline and excitement."

Shortly after catching the hammerhead, Adam J says they acted quickly to release it in order to ensure its survival.

"Watching it swim away was probably the greatest feeling out of the whole fight," he said. "I worry greatly for these big fish and do not want to have them die at my hands, or at the hands of any other fisherman, for that matter."

What happened to the shark after its release is unknown, but Adam advises beach goers to steer clear of sharks if they happen to encounter them.

"Never attempt to handle a shark without proper knowledge of how to do so," he said.
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