Animal trainer fired after viral video shows her hitting dog with bat

SEATTLE, Washington (KTRK) -- A video released on Monday shows a trainer striking a dog multiple times with a small plastic bat.

Collen McDaniel, the owner of the Academy of Canine Behavior, says the video was recorded two years ago.

She says she only learned about the video three weeks ago when animal control came to investigate about an anonymous tip.

McDaniel viewed the video on Monday and immediately fired the dog trainer.

According to McDaniels, the dog in the video suffered from aggression problems. She says in the past, her staff would use small plastic bats, with the top cut out, to grab the dogs attention or interrupt a dog fight.

She insisted that the bats were only used to hit against the wall and make a loud noise, but never used to strike dogs.

Animal control says its investigation concluded that the behavior of the trainer towards the dog did not "rise to the level of animal cruelty, by law."

Organizations like Pasados Safe Haven say they are currently looking into way animal cruelty laws can be strengthened.
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