Is your pet ready for a summer road trip?

If you're heading out on a road trip soon, you may be wondering whether it's a good idea to bring the family pet. We talked to the referee of the famous Puppy Bowl, Dan Schachner, about what to consider for a safe and fun trip.

"Have their paperwork with you. Have their medical records with you. Have their medicines with you and prep ahead of time. Know where a vet might be in the area," Schachner said.

Vet Checkup

If you have time, a quick checkup before the trip is a good precaution to avoid major issues.

Give 'em a break

Once you're on the road, build in breaks. Breaks aren't just for the bathroom but also for exercise for big and energetic dogs like huskies and labs.

Secure your pet

While you'd love to roll down the window and let your dog feel the breeze, securing your pet ensures they won't get injured or be a distraction while you drive.

Short trips first

Try short trips before heading out on a trip cross-country to make sure your pet can tolerate the drive.

An Orbitz survey shows the amount of online searches for dog friendly hotels has climbed dramatically in recent years, so do your research. You'll likely find a lot of hotels offering special amenities like pet spas and treats.

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