10-foot alligator attacks horse in Florida

FLORIDA (KTRK) -- A horse is still recovering after it was attacked by an alligator in Florida.

Mike Santo says a 10-foot alligator took a piece out of his horse's leg.

"The gator came up behind him 'cause that's where they attack, and grabbed him from the rear end," Santo said.

The attack happened on a pasture in New Port Richey while the horse was cooling off in a pond.

Crown, a former race horse turned rodeo animal, now needs 35 pills in the morning and 35 more at night.

"Infection, fighting infection. That's going to be our biggest things," Santo said.

Since the attack, the owner says state trappers have placed bait to catch the gator, but they believe he has moved from the pond.

"There's turtles, there's bass, there's birds, there's rabbits, there's plenty for an alligator to eat. And he picked a horse," Santo said.

State wildlife officials said on Twitter that they were planning to issue an additional 1,300 county-wide alligator permits starting next week.

The state-wide hunt will help control the gator population, officials said.

Santo says he believes someone was feeding the gator that attacked the "1,000 pound " horse.

"When this alligator sees you, it will come to you instead of go away from you," Santo said.

Santo says medical bills could cost more than $10,000.

"He's got a heart like a watermelon. I mean, he's a really good horse," Santo said.
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