EXCLUSIVE: Man shoots bullet through perfumery window with child in car

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Employees of Master Perfumes on Harwin returned to work Tuesday morning to find a bullet hole in their storefront. Their warehouse just two blocks away was also hit.

The employees started going through surveillance video to identify a suspect but say they found something especially disturbing.

In the video, you see the suspect's car pull into the store parking lot around 8:45pm on Monday.

Mariana Medina of Master Perfumes says the suspect then fired a shot into the store's glass door and he started to drive off.

Before leaving the parking lot, you see him suddenly stop.

He then gets out of the car and walks toward the door carrying what appears to be a gun.

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The video shows a little girl in the background, sticking her head out of passenger side's window.

The man turns around and looks back, and you see the girl get out of the car and run toward the man.
He meets her and the then appears to escort her back to the car, all while carrying what appears to be a gun.

"For me, it's crazy. If he can do that with a child, he can do anything else. So for me, it's dangerous," said Medina.

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The businesses along Harwin near Gessner say they've seen a spike in crime.

"It's scary. Usually we don't stay late here, always in this area. The store has been vandalized a lot," said Anil Rana, a nearby business owner.

Police are still investigating and the suspect is still at-large. While the suspect did fire shots, police say he didn't take anything. There are burglar bars inside the store that may have deterred the thief.

Police are asking anybody with information about the crime to contact authorities.
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