Marine vet who was facing eviction gets rent paid by generous strangers

Monday, August 17, 2020
Man who was facing eviction gets rent paid by strangers
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In the middle of a pandemic, when spirits needs to be lifted, this man says his faith in humanity has been restored.

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- An eviction hearing that was scheduled for Marine veteran Mike Taylor will no longer happen thanks to the generosity of people who learned of his story.

Taylor lives with his wife and a young son in Spring. His left arm is disabled due to an injury he endured during his military service.

Both he and his wife have been without jobs since May when the impact of the pandemic hit millions of Americans across the world.

Last week, Taylor shared his story with Eyewitness News and said he was without hope.

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Soon after, people began donating money. Now, Taylor and his family have enough money for rent into the month of October.

"I feel like my faith in humanity has been restored," Taylor told ABC13 on Sunday. "That should be enough time to get a job I applied for."

On top of nearly being evicted, the Taylors also lost their car.

"Some of the people suggested I use some of it for down payment on a used one," said Taylor, who adds he has to use ride share services to get him to the grocery store.

Taylor came to our attention after an Eyewitness News report on legal help to avoid evictions.

He responded to the report, and then we learned his.

The veteran has applied for full disability benefits from the VA and is still awaiting a decision.

He hopes for the best and also hopes that one day, he can be as generous as the people who gave to him.

"Sometimes, the hardest question you can ask is for help," said the veteran "When I get on my feet, I'm going to donate to those charities, even if it's $50 month. That can pay someone's water bill."

To request free legal assistance, call the Earl Carl Institute at 713-313-1158. There is an income eligibility requirement.

Worried about eviction? Wondering if you qualify? We have the answers you need here.

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