'Peeping Tom' caught watching man sleep inside his north Houston home

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The early morning scare was caught in an unsettling video which shows a man peering inside a north Houston family's home.

"I was sleeping out here, it was about 5:20 Saturday morning," said Derek Thomas, who said he woke up on his living room couch to a strange noise.

"I heard this little tap, tap, tap sound."

When he looked out the living room windows, he saw nothing, but his surveillance camera caught it all.

"I was kind of freaked out," said Thomas. "This guy had ridden up on his bicycle out there, came around and basically stood here, watching me sleep through the window and for some reason, tapping on the window while he was doing it."

The man is seen wearing cargo shorts and a white undershirt tank in the video, with some sort of belt or lanyard around his neck that he used to tap on the windows.

Eyewitness News counted four separate incidents of tapping as the man stood peering through the windows for five minutes.

"Eventually he just comes completely over here. He just stands flat right here in front of the center window, just staring in," Thomas explained.

The family says they've never seen him before, and don't understand what his motives are.

"Is he just a Peeping Tom being weird? I don't know. Was he looking in here to see what we have in here to maybe come back and rob the place at another point? You just don't know."

Police want to find him to make sure he doesn't do anything else.

He has a mustache and a large tattoo on his right upper arm.

If you know him or have any information, call police.
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