Police warn pedigree dog owners of thefts after 10 dogs go missing

BRIDGEPORT, Connecticut -- Police in Connecticut say thieves are targeting pedigree dogs.

At least 10 dogs were stolen in Bridgeport during a two-week period.

Authorities say the pets were taken by an illegal breeder.

Daniella Parreiras says she and her daughters have not stopped crying since the moment they realized their best friend, named Daisy, was gone.

"Those are not dogs that run away. Somebody's taking those dogs from us and we need to find out what's going on," said Parreiras.

Police say a total of ten pedigree dogs, all young females, have been reported stolen during the past few weeks, likely so they can be bred for profit.

As police investigate, the families hope the thieves will hear their pleas for mercy.

"I don't mind paying anything to have my dog back. Just help us, please," added Parreiras.