Paul Wall giving free grills to all U.S. Olympic medal winners

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Paul Wall Is Offering Free Custom Gold Grills to Olympic Champions
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Paul Wall is offering free grills to any American athletes that medaled at the Rio Olympics.

What it do baby? The ice man, Paul Wall is trying to bling out the grills of some U.S. Olympians!

Paul Wall and his business partner, Johnny Dang, are offering free custom gold grills to any American athlete who won a medal at the Rio Olympics. They say it's a way to honor champions and give them something no one else has. Wall joked he would like to see someone like Simone Biles with a mouth full of bling.

"We came up with the idea. They won gold and this is our way of giving back," said the People's Champ, Paul Wall. "We have so many hometown heroes and this will give them something to come home to."

WATCH: UH Coach Tom Herman shows off his grill from Paul Wall

Wall and Dang made a similar offer back in 2012, limited to Gold medalists. This wouldn't be the first time that their handiwork has made it into an Olympian's mouth. According to a post on Dang's Instagram account, Ryan Lochte's famous American flag grill was made by him and Wall.

Dang said he used a new method of engraving to make the Rio grills special. Another reason why these grills are extra special? They cannot be purchased in their store since the design is custom made for Olympians.