Friend of Colorado man accused of killing fiancee gives his opinion on the arrest

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado -- A Colorado man is facing murder charges after his fiancee went missing on Thanksgiving, KOAA-TV reports.

The arrest of Patrick Frazee has shocked community members and those who know him.

Authorities say the announcement of Frazee's arrest marked a breakthrough in a weeks-long investigation.

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Frazee's acquaintance, Clinton Cline says the arrest came as a surprise to him and that it doesn't seem like something Frazee would do.

"I was shocked and amazed when I heard this. And it just doesn't... It seems completely out of character," Cline said.

Cline is president of the Two Mile High Club, a group Frazee has worked with for the last six to seven years. He says Frazee came off as professional, dependable and a good father to the couple's 1-year-old daughter.

Cline wants to withhold judgment until the evidence in the murder is made public.

Frazee has been charged with first-degree murder and solicitation of murder.