Father of Parkland shooting survivors shot and killed during robbery

PARKLAND, Florida -- The father of two students who survived the Parkland, Florida High School shooting, fell victim to an act of violence.

Authorities say Ayub Ali, 61, was shot and killed Tuesday during a robbery at the convenience store he owned.

Surveillance video of that incident shows a would-be customer entering Aunt Molly's Food Store in North Lauderdale. The young man in a knit cap is then seen pointing the gun to Ali's back and apparently demanding money.

Ali is then seen opening the cash register and it appears the robber places the money in his pockets.

An unidentified speaker told WSVN that Ali and the suspected robber went in the office room and emerged out just a few seconds later.

Investigators say the robber left but returned moments later, took Ali back to the office, and that's where they say he shot him.

In the surveillance video, the suspect is seen walking out and headed north in the shopping plaza.

According to WSVN, the suspect identified as Tyrone Fields Jr., 19, was taken into custody Friday.

A card, left outside the scene of the crime, says in part "I'm sorry I have to write this to you. It hurts my heart. You were part of my life growing up."