Local student attending law school in Paris gives insight after attacks

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Three days after the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, a student from Houston studying there describes sadness and heaviness in the air.

Morgan Taylor is studying French Law at Universit Paris. During our conversation via Skype Monday, she told Eyewitness News that she and her peers are trying not to think about the what-ifs.

She tells us the areas where the attacks happened are popular weekend spots for young people, and she may very well have been there had she not had to stay in Friday to study for an exam.

"I went in for my lecture today and the professor got to the table and she started crying," she said of the first day back to school after the attacks. "It's hard because there are going to be people, other students who aren't going to be there for their lecture today because there are so many young people that have been affected by this."

And updating part of our coverage from Friday, we introduced you to the owners of Flo Paris, a French bakery near the Galleria.

They had friends with tickets to the concert where one of the attacks happened, but gave them away at the last minute. They tell us the people they gave the tickets to were able to get out safely.

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