Parents want student kicked out for racist Snapchat rant

THE WOODLANDS, Texas (KTRK) -- A Conroe ISD student's parents said their daughter was on the receiving end of a racially-charged Snapchat exchange, and now they want the student who sent the threatening message removed from school.

The African-American female student at Woodlands High School was commenting about the NFL players' protesting when a white male student sent the comments to her, parent R.K. King said.

In part, the message used a racial slur and said "we should have hung all of you while we had the chance."

While the principal changed the male student's class and lunch schedule so he has no contact with the female student, her parents said Conroe ISD isn't taking the situation seriously enough.

"We thought the only way to ensure that situation be handled is that he be removed from the presence of that school that may put her at risk and also other students of African-American descent at risk with those serious remarks," King said.

Conroe ISD said the exchange happened during the weekend outside of school hours, and they don't tolerate this kind of behavior.

In a statement, the district said: The campus administered several levels of disciplinary consequences and continues to work with the students involved and their parents. Furthermore, reinforcing respect for others and building unity continues to be a top priority across our campuses as it is in our communities.

The girl's parents have a constitutional and civil rights attorney and a host of other groups behind them.

They are appealing what the principal did, and said they want the student reassigned to another campus.

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