Parent demands bus stop change after 15-year-old struck and killed walking home in Conroe

CONROE, Texas (KTRK) -- Crystal Garcia Camacho was walking home from her bus stop on Thursday when she was struck and killed in a rural area of Montgomery County.

The 15-year-old took the late bus home along with other students. The late bus is provided for students who participate in after-school activities or events. The concern for parents is that the bus stop, which is called a satellite stop, was half a mile from Crystal's home.

Conroe ISD sent a statement saying:

"These satellite stops are not intended to be within a short walk to each student's home, but more of a central place where parents may pick up their children without having to drive all the way to campus. Community infrastructure varies across our 348-square-mile District which is why efforts are made to evaluate and provide safe transportation options for all students."

Kim Shipman's daughter took the bus with Crystal on a regular basis.

"My daughter is friends with her. They go to school together. They have classes together. They ride the bus together. They get off at the same stop," said Kim, a concerned parent.

On Thursday, they were dropped off together around 5:40 p.m.

Crystal started to walk home, and a short time later a 27-year-old man hit her, then crashed into a fence and left the scene, DPS said.

The driver went to a nearby store where witnesses found him. The man allegedly said he didn't realize what he'd done and returned to the scene.

Troopers are calling him a suspect but he has not been charged.

Conroe ISD sent a letter home to parents of Caney Creek High School saying, "Our counselors will be available next week as well to support students and staff as they process this loss. Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time."

Kim says her daughter is heartbroken and Kim herself is demanding a change. She wants the students to be dropped off closer to their homes. She even talked to an assistant superintendent expressing her concerns.

Conroe ISD is now reevaluating satellite stops staying, "In light of this tragic event, the District will be reviewing all satellite bus stop locations and procedures."

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