N. Harris Co.woman fed up with package thieves fills box with dirty diapers

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Investigators are looking for the thieves who targeted a North Harris County home moments after packages were dropped off by UPS.

The thieves took packages right off the victim's porch on December 2 in the Silverglen Estates, which is near I-45 and Rankin.

"You work hard for things that you have and they go and do this and you feel violated," said the victim, Monica. She asked us not to reveal her last name out of fear that the thieves might return.

She says she didn't realize what happened till days later when her stuff hadn't arrived.

"They just come and take whatever you have," she said.

Shuttling through hours of surveillance video, she saw the UPS driver drop off the items. Then within seconds, a sedan pulls up, two men get out and promptly pluck the packages of the porch. They were back in the car and gone before anyone caught on.

Monica thinks the thieves followed the UPS driver.

"Like they don't have anything better off to do. They don't want to work. They just want to go around getting free stuff off other people's porches," she said.

The packages contained two coffee machines Monica had ordered as Christmas presents.

The Harris County Sheriff's office is investigating. The video led to screen captures in which you can see a grainy shot of one of the thieves and what appears to be a dark blue or black Chevy Impala with paper plates and a Texans logo on the rear right bumper.

Monica has a special message for those who did it. And it's in a box that's now sitting on her porch.

"It's full of my baby's dirty diapers and has a note that says Merry Christmas. Enjoy it," she said.

If you know anything about this theft you can contact the burglary and theft division of the Harris County Sheriff's Office at 713-274-9200.

UPS suggests always sending packages to where you can be at time of pickup or to a friend or relative who can immediately move them inside.
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