Baytown pastor plans to allow congregation to pack heat in church

BAYTOWN, TX (KTRK) -- "I have no problem with open carry."

Pastor Benny Holmes won't be posting signs at The Church of New Beginnings in Baytown, come January 1st, forbidding open carry of firearms.

"A thief is going to come in and do what he wants to do anyway, the only difference now is that he might get one or two of us, but that's it, because everybody else is packing," said Holmes.

Eyewitness News talked to Holmes in July. He shot an intruder in his church, then prayed with him. He says the experience served as a valuable lesson for him and his congregation.

"They were like - it could have been you on that floor if you hadn't had what you had with you to defend yourself."

Still, you won't see Holmes with a weapon at the pulpit.

"We're going to be very modest. We are not going to be like the wild, wild west where you say - here it is. Like everything, we'll do it in moderation."

To those that believe church should be a place for prayers instead of pistols.

"When someone walks in your door prayer just ended, you have to defend yourself physically."
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