Oklahoma detention officer quits after being told he couldn't take a knee with protesters

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma (KTRK) -- A police officer quit after he was not allowed to take a knee with protesters over the weekend in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office said the officer was needed to guard inmates inside the jail during a protest. However, the officer says he was told he couldn't protest.

A video of the officer saying why he quit went viral on social media. You can watch him speak in the video above.

KOCO reports it all started on Saturday when a protest turned violent suddenly. Police say protesters turned into rioters and tried to breach the jail, knock out windows and set a van on fire.

Oklahoma County deputies called for back up from jailers and detention officers until trained deputies could arrive.

"So, when you had me on shifts ya'll told me I couldn't take a knee so today, I'm going to take a knee, and he said, 'No, you can't take a knee,'" the now-former detention officer said.

"This individual is a detention officer and if our detention officers decided they want to walk outside and leave the inmates to themselves, that makes no sense," said Mark Myers, with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office.

Officials say officers are encouraged to protest by asking for the day off.
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